Home Made Cold Gun Bluing
Cold gun bluing works well as an indoor finish. . home made salts to blacken steel, recipe can be found here blindhogg custom gunworks.

april 16

Cold bluing is available for do-it-yourselfers, and many gun hobbyists have given new life to old guns homemade rust bluing solution diy shotgun bluing.
Jul 5, 2008 gun blueing a ruger 10/22 gun barrel metal with amazingly strong diy very good demonstration! do you prefer cold bluing rather than hot.  

May 22, 2010 if you hot blue a gun no one can dispute that you are a gunsmith. . true and vibration free, only problem is most homemade rigs leave a lot to be desired. . cold blue use to be the mark of the amateur but that has changed.

With blue wonder™ gun blue, you can have a professional “hot blue” finish, at home, quickly, easily, inexpensively and without any “cold blue” residual odors.    

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Bermy youth get skills at Dibia Athletic Basketball Camp
APR 4, 2013: About 75 eight to 18 year-old boys and girls participated in a Dibia Athletic Basketball Camp this week at the Warwick Academy gym. The students received free basketball skills training while on break from their schools. A more extensive basketball camp is planned for August when students are on summer break. Bermuda Sun is a proud supporter of Dibia Athletic programs in Bermuda.
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Loan Type Graph Rate +/- Last Week
$30K HELOC Graph 4.98% dw 4.99%  
$50K HELOC Graph 4.60% up 4.59%  
$30K Loan Graph 6.24% dw 6.26%  
$50K Loan Graph 6.01% dw 6.03%  
$75K Loan Graph 5.98% dw 5.99%  
Expression Language (EL) Reserved Keywords
andLogical operator alternative to (&&)
falseBoolean literal
leRelation operator less than or equal to alternative to (<=)
notLogical operator reverse alternative to (!)
divArithmetic operator division alternative to (/)
geRelational operator greater or equal to alternative to (>=)
ltRelational operator less than alternative to (<)
nullNull literal
emptyThe empty operator is a prefix operation that can be used to determine whether a value is null or empty.
gtRelational operator greater than alternative to (>)
modArithmetic operator modulo alternative to (%)
orLogical operator alternative to (||)
eqLogical operator alternative to (==)
instanceofJava Keyword to do a Class comparison between Objects
neRelational operator not equal alternative to (!=)
trueBoolean literal
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